7 Years of high-pressure, high-energy production and design experience. Now simplified for you.

3 Years of sourcing and distributing global innovative products that improves the quality of life, now delivered directly to you.

We are a 80's and 90's trainned design, production and products distribution team. We know the values of proper concept, scheduling and on-time exeution. It's not possible to learn what we do from the Internet, because our technique have been shaped by the challenges we've been through, project by project.

Our rates for our products and services are transparent, on-point and packaged for your convenience. For services, you can see the cost of every building block towards the project, and you won't find ridiculous markups with poor quality work here at 86 Deck.

If you are looking for innovative and effective products that improves the quality of life, or require Quality Design & Craftmanship at a Competitve rate, Say Goodbye to the No-Shows and Say Neiho 你好 to 86 Deck.


Our latest projects





2021, Apr

Super Nano and Bactakleen® : Tsim Sha Tsui Shop design and production

Super Nano (Engine Products)

2021, Jan

Super Nano Commercial Shoot (Ho Lung Motor)

Super Nano (Engine Products)

2020, Nov

Super Nano X Ho Lung Motor (Alice)

Super Nano (Engine Products)

2020, July

Super ESTER Plus Motor Oil Advertisment

Super Nano (Engine Products)

2019, Nov

Hot Import Nights Australia: Super Nano Booth Design

Super Nano (Engine Products)

2019, Mar

Super Nano Website Design and Management

Super Nano (Engine Products)

2019, Feb

2019 Valley Fort RFC Mini Rugby Festival

Valley Fort RFC

2019, Jan

Aromaplus Website Design and Production

Aromaplus (Dubai)

2018, Nov

Carpio Music Website design and Production

Carpio Music

2018, Mar

Distillery Lokal – Branding

Distillery Lokal (Timor-Leste)


Our Professional Team, Partners & Friends.

Our projects consists with team members with the right balance of Creativity, Education and Experience. Education is important, but is not everything.

Charlie So

Founder & Director
86 Deck Interactive Pty Limited

Brand Director of Super Nano Engine Restorer

Giles Chan

Professional Photographer
& Founder of GILPERFORM Limited

Clients include:
• Ernst & Young,
• Macallan,
• Dragonland Music Festival,

Tony Lau

Project Manager

Co-Founder of Apro Company Limited

Chris Carpio

Musical Director,
Carpio Music (Hong Kong)

Key Clients:
• Grand Hyatt,
• Panerai,
• USRC Tigers

Wong Lok

Metaverse development, Effect Node VFX and Three JS, Artist in Residence during Art Basel Miami 2021.

Lok is an award-winning engineer:
• Anthem Award Judge 2022
• Anthem Award Second runner up 2022 - Effect Node Metaverse OpenSource Boilerplate
• Webby Awards Nominee 2022
• Webby Awards Honoree 2021
• Webby Awards Judge 2019
• Webby Awards Nominee 2019
2019 Webby Awards Nominee, Websites, Technical Achievement 2019

Key Clients:
K2 Digital , Projects include:
• Nike – Rex Tso,
• Clé de Peau Beauté
Air Concepts
• IFC Mall HK – Xmas 2020,
• Lancôme APAC – CNY 2021

Will Tam

Model and Actor

• Super Nano,
• Mcdonalds (Hong Kong)
• FWD Insurance,
• Coca-Cola (Hong Kong)

Trung Vien

Founder & Director,
Hair Folli (Australia)

Eloise Chu

Co-founder & Manager,
Verano Boxing Club

Previous Experience:
Corporate Marketing Head Acuris, Valley Fort, AMEX, OFX

Jiarne Hong

Global Patents Partner,
Laminar IP

Liz Chan

Experienced Fashion Consultant,

Lee Matthews, Ellery, Electric Sekki

Wilson Chan

Experienced Commercial and Criminal Law Barrister,
Australia & Hong Kong,
9 Wentworth Chambers

Jackie Kong

Director & Editor-in-Chief
Parade Magazine

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