Engine Restorer

All Natural Pet food

Car Disinfection


Commercials we produce

86 Deck® leverages on its passion in cinematography – inspired by classic Hong Kong movies – to bring it's style and culture to the brands it works with.

To differentiate 86 Deck® from other video production companies, you may find elements of surprise, entertainment and production value to ensure all our advertisments will be a memorable one.


Super Nano Engine Restorer

Using patented engine plating nanotechnology, this product restores engines to the desired state. We were tasked to present this product in an interesting perspective draws inspiration from the chasing car scenes of Jackie Chan.



Tailored recipes crafted by pet nutrition experts to keep dogs and cats looking and feeling their best. In this advertiment, we use a mini-story to represents why customers would opt for a premium solution.


Bactakleen Ultra Mist

Being one of the only car disinfection solutions – using natural ingredients – that can reach air conditioning systems, We arrive at a popular Hong Kong garage to shoot this unique antibacterial treatment solution for cars.


Our project flow

1. Branding and ideas

The creative process is the seed of any successful campaign. We work with professionals from the movie industry to generate storyline and brand ideas to create an unforgettable experience for your brand.

2. Production and Execution

At 86 Deck®, We believe ideas are 5%, execution is 95%. With our in-house and professional network, you be confident the idea you've chosen will come into fruition with class, punch and quality.

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3. Channels and business insight

Not only do we reach artistic goals to make your brand stand out in the competitive environment, we align with business vision to generate the return on your investment. We select the best channels for distribution and marketing.

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4. Promotion and digital marketing

With the production complete, we help you promote in the channels with the highest ROI. Leverage with the network of our partners.